hot tunes, cool girls


Ellie and Vivian met in the spring semester of their senior year of college on the set of a black box production of Spring Awakening (pictured above!). Ellie played upright and electric bass, and Vivian played Ilse. Vivian thought Ellie was cool because she doesn't wear shoes when she plays and she has a tattoo of a squid behind her ear.


After college, Vivian moved to LA and made an album.  When she finished it, she thought, “What am I doing here?” So she moved back to the Bay Area where she grew up. ⛅

Meanwhile, Ellie pursued a career in advertising and also, eventually, thought "What am I doing here?" So she moved to SF to pursue a hodge-podge life as a writer/barista/dog-walker/whatever-helps-her-support-her-musical-dreams. 🌩️


In 2015, Vivian sent Ellie a fateful Facebook message a la "Let's play music together?!" and they've been making sweet tunes ever since.

Together, they have graced the stages of the Hotel Café and the Independent, surfed the air-waves, and made this website!


Smokeshow’s debut album Bomb Songs was recorded at the

Complex in SF.


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